The Republic of Bashkortostan,also called Bashkiria, is a republic of Russia located between the Volga and the Ural Mountains in Eastern Europe. Its capital and largest city is Ufa.

The Bashkirs are a turkic ethnic group, indigenous to Bashkortostan and to the historical region of Badzhgard, extending on both sides of the Ural Mountains, in the area where Eastern Europe meets North Asia.

The Bashkirs traditionally practiced agriculture, cattle-rearing and bee-keeping. The half-nomadic Bashkirs wandered either the mountains or the steppes, herding cattle. Wild-hive beekeeping can be named as a separate component of the most ancient culture which is practiced in the same Burzyansky District near to the Kapova Cave.

Traditional Bashkir dish bishbarmaq is prepared from boiled meat and halma (the kind of noodles), sprinkled with herbs flavored with onions and some qorot (young dry cheese).


This is another notable feature of the Bashkir cuisine: dishes often served dairy products — rare party without qorot or qaymaq (sour cream). Most of the dishes Bashkir cuisine is nutritious and easy to prepare.

A series of epic Bashkir works called Ural-batyr and Akbuzat keeps layers of ancient mythology and have parallels with the Epic of Gilgamesh, Rigveda, and Avesta. Their plots concern the struggle of heroes against demonic forces. A peculiarity of them is that events and ceremonies described there may reference a specific geographical place; the Shulgan-Tash cave and its vicinity.

Sabantuy is a Bashkir, Tatar and  Idel-Uralian summer festival, that dates back to the Volga Bulgarian epoch. At first Sabantuy was a festival of farmers in rural areas, but it later became a national holiday and now is widely celebrated in the cities.

Salavat Yulaev, Sh.Babich, M. Karim, M. Gafuri, M. Nesterov, K. Devletkildeev, A. Tyulkin, B. Domashnikov, R. Nuriev,

A. Abdrazakov, H. Ibragimov, M. Valeev, Y. Isyanbayev, H. Akhmetov and many others made a great contribution to the culture of the peoples of Bashkortostan.

Bashkir men's hat

Interior of the Bashkir yurt

Women's Bashkir costume