Evaluation of art objects. Adding rare items to collections. 
Quality improvement of collections

The ART FUND, in collaboration with Russian, British and American experts, conducts research on the processestaking place in the Museum industry, including marketing, PR communications, financial management, investment opportunities, in the field of art, and the specifics of modern Museum and art-management. 

Constant research of the art market, as well as extensive knowledge in the field of art and culture, help the specialists of the ART FUND to confidently navigate the current trends in the art industry. Competent advice and recommendations, including analysis of significant auctions and private transactions, help owners of art collections to see investment opportunities when buying and selling works of art.

The ART FUND makes a financial and investment analysis of art objects taking into account the relevant indicators: authorship, technique, materials, historical period of creation of the work, belonging to a direction or trend in art, the results of auctions and private sales, and other indicators.


Museum specialists determine the «passport of artwork» – the package of documents required in the exposing and movement of art-objects (expert opinions, archival information, publications, etc.). Art-experts determines the program of promotion of the subject of art on the art market, given the prospects for increasing the historical, cultural and artistic values, as well as growth in the value of a work of art on the international art market.