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The Russian-British Cultural Сlub was established to promote cultural and business cooperation between Russia and the United Kingdom. The RBC Club provides new opportunities for cooperation between Russian and British companies and organizations.

The RBC Club organizes cultural and educational projects, supports cross-cultural events, and popularizes the historical and cultural heritage of Russia and Great Britain.

EAF Company is an official partner of the RBC Сlub.

EAF supports festivals, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows and other cultural and educational events in Russia and the UK, organized and conducted by the RBC Сlub.

Company EAF provides meeting rooms for club members.

The RBC Club provides privileges for club members according to the level of the RBC Club Card. Members of the Club can be nominated for the title of Honorary member of the RBC Club with extra privileges.


The Club Card confirms membership in the RBC Club, as well as provides privileges to its Holder. The Card is personal and cannot be transferred to other persons. In case of loss or damage, the Card must be restructured.



The RBC Сlub Council is an Advisory body created to coordinate the club's activities. The RBC Club Council is formed from representatives of state, public and business organizations. The Council includes cultural, artistic, and scientific figures.