The Museum exhibits paintings and graphic works by Rinat Kuramshin on ballet and theater themes. The artist created his paintings under the impression of theatrical performances and backstage life of the Bolshoi Theater, the Mariinsky Theater (formerly called the Kirov Theater), the Mikhailovsky Theater (also named after M. Mussorgsky), the Royal Opera House (Covent Garden), the Paris Opera (Grant Opera) and other theaters in Russia and Europe.

One of the sections of the Museum exhibition is dedicated to the Sergei Diaghilev's Opera and Ballet enterprise. While working on the series of artworks, Rinat Kuramshin met with Russian emigrants who personally knew the participants of the Sergei Diaghilev's enterprise such as Vaslav Nijinsky, Tamara Karsavina, Serge Lifar, Matilda Kseshinskaya, Ninette de Valois, Marie Rambert, Lidia Lopukhova and others. Rinat Kuramshin's artworks reflect the atmosphere of the XIX - XX century, as well as the history of the world-famous performances of the "Russian Seasons" in Europe. In the paintings we can see the famous theatrical personalities, choreographers, composers, opera and ballet artists.

To create these artworks, the artist cooperated with choreographers and ballet dancers, musicians and opera singers who worked on the greatest theatrical stages of Russia, Great Britain, France, Italy and other European countries.  The artist received advice and support from art critics, art collectors, theatre experts, specialists of museums in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris and London.

Rinat Kuramshin's works were presented in many countries of the world and were highly appreciated by international experts, art critics, collectors, museum specialists, lovers of theatre, music and fine arts. The high interest of the public from different countries testifies to the artistic value of Rinat Kuramshin's works for domestic and world culture, defining his painting among the outstanding works of the fine art of the ХХ century devoted to Theatre and Ballet.


Лебединое озеро автор Ринат Курамшин.jpg

"Ballet Swan lake"

Author Rinat Kuramshin


РинатК. Велисы 2а(мал)1 (1).jpg

"Giselle's Ballet. The Wilis"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Две балерины в классе 1а copy копия.jpg

"Two dancers in ballet class"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Лебединое озеро copy 3а1б.jpg

"Three dancers.

The ballet Swan lake"

Author Rinat Kuramshin


"Dancer tying pointe shoes.

Drawing №1"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

РинатК В балетном классе 2мал.jpg

"In the ballet class"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Фея Драже. Балет Щелкунчик Раздел М.Пети

"Anna Pavlova in the ballet

The Nutcracker"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

0 1 Dancer 1б1 (1).jpg

"Two dancers"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

0 1 Dancer 1а1 (1).jpg

"Dancer in a Swan costume"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

За кулисами copy 1 (2).jpg

"Before going on stage"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

РинатК Сильфиды 1а1мал.jpg


Author Rinat Kuramshin

РинатК. В балетном классе.jpg

"Rehearsal in a ballet class"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Три танцовщицы на полу 1а3.jpg

"Three dancers on the floor in ballet class"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Перед выходом на сцену Раздел А.Павлова.

"Behind the scenes"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Балерина завяз-щая пуанты (2).jpg

"Dancer tying pointe shoes.

Drawing №2"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Балерина сидящяя на полу.jpg

"Dancer sitting on the floor"

Author Rinat Kuramshin


RinatK 274кв.jpg


Author Rinat Kuramshin

RinatK 282 кб.jpg

"Tango Milonga"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

RinatK. Viennese Valse3.jpg

"Viennese waltz"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

RinatK страстный танец 280.jpg

"Passionate dance"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

RinatKаргентинское 280.jpg

"Argentine tango"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

RinatK чикаго 295 кб.jpg

"Tango Chicago"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

RinatK. Parisian Tango.jpg

"Paris tango"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

RinatK пробуждение .jpg

"Tango Awakening"

​Author Rinat Kuramshin