AECA Museum is a structural branch of the non-profit organization

Association of ethnography, culture and art.

​Museum's main activities

The Museum holds research in the field of Ethnography, Culture and Arts, as well as study and popularization of cultural events and personal achievements of people who have made a significant contribution to the national and world cultural heritage.


Selection and acquisition of museum collections with works of fine art, decorative and applied art, objects of ethnography, folk crafts and crafts, samples of national clothing and other objects representing the culture and art of various regions of the world.

The Museum organizes forums, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, presentations, publications and other cultural and educational events.


Museum is open for cooperation

We invite you to cooperate with the Museum (AECA), our partners and friends. We will be sincerely grateful for your assistance in Museum's activities.


The ethno-cultural projects of the Museum correspond to the main objectives of UNESCO for the preservation of cultural diversity.










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